Monday, December 20, 2010

twitterodes 35-42

42 heraldic ensigns horizonless on the thick glass of the windows of the Huys der Liefde/pulled inside out a house of Lipsius/Montanus/Ortelius ■ 41 unseatable throne? ■ 40 rhinolalia muzzle nudges for a broken song ■ 39 aloft surveying all that isn’t his mistaken for shirtless carving beside stirring gauze that screens the equine statue/its doubtful gestures ■ 38 reclusive Balthasar’s golden compass grips the globe crippled inky fingers measure the surface of maps the ridges of print on finest paper ■ 37 the marvellous is awkward/scribbling among Plantin’s shelves dialoguing with categories the moment’s historian shot through with knowledge ■ 36 produce this house as you move through it reading the print and map rooms navigating your history thinking about what’s not present/leaning ■ 35 Plantin’s image rises from brickwork latticed windows like uncut sheets: proofread the bookish house looking inward to its garden