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Friday, July 31, 2015

Robert Sheppard: my research video

I have tried to embed this video before but it's never worked. But here it is for my summer break. (Back in September.) In it, I talk both about my academic research (which today I would call simply criticism), and about my practice-led research (which I prefer to think of once more as poetry), and about poetics (whose name remains the same.) You see my books and some of the collaborations with Pete Clarke.

What you don't see is a smile. But I can smile, but only when I'm standing next to Jeff Hilson, it would seem:

If you can't wait till September try


Tom Jenks' new zimZalla object is Conversational Nuisance, an A3 size directional poster poem with anthropomorphised rabbit insignia by Joanne Ashcroft and Patricia Farrell. More here