Sunday, March 13, 2016

Robert Sheppard: Poem in International Times: 'Avenge'

 A poem of mine, ‘Avenge’ has just been published in International Times (March 2016) illustrated by Nick Victor.
Read it here. (My previous contribution, 'Workless Washday: Burnt Journal 1952' for Frances Presley, was also illustrated by him. See here.)

Both poems are from my ongoing sonnets project, 'Avenge' from a sequence of 14 sonnets, which are what some musicians would call a 'contrafact' upon sonnets by Milton (guess which one from the title); the other is from a sequence of 'Twelves', mainly birthday poems and 'excitations' for friends.   

All my 'Overdubs' (as I eventually called them) from Milton are online and may be accessed here.