Thursday, April 21, 2016

Robert Sheppard: A Guide to my new books and pamphlets 2015-16

1 New critical book

The Meaning of Form in Contemporary Innovative Poetry

My academic critical book is now published by Palgrave Macmillan. 

For those who can buy the book, or order it for libraries, here are the places

3 New poetry books

History or Sleep: Selected Poems

Details here.

A wide selection of work from 1982-2015, it is reviewed by Steve Waling here. By Clark Allison here. And by Ian Brinton here. Anna Cathenka's review may be accessed here. Nikolai Duffy reviewed it in The Wolf.

And a post I wrote about how I selected the poems here.

Words Out of Time


an ‘autrebiography’, an anti-memoir, mainly in prose, including the popular ‘I don’t remember…’ Details here. A review here.

7 prose pieces that range from fable to conceptual writing, narrative to unnarrative, political address to text for an image; features the psychogeographical exploration of space, 'In Adopted Space'. Details here. Its first review from Steve Waling here. He also reviews my next item there, which is:

1 Pamphlet

The Drop

an elegy to my father, details here.

It's reviewed here by Ian Brinton, and by Alan Baker, here.

1 Tribute

An Educated Desire: Robert Sheppard at 60.

This very pleasant surprise is available here, along with the list of its contributors

My website:


I have a story in the Best British Short Stories 2016: see here. And about all my published fiction here.


My 'avant-garters' (garters embossed with monostichs) are available from ZimZalla to tie around a shapely thigh. See here.


My Petrarch 3 will be coming out from Crater Press.. Twitters for a Lark will be coming out from Shearsman:

And after that (2018) I write about the completed 100 sonnets of The English Strain here