Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Robert Sheppard: Petrarch 3 poems in Card Alpha 1 JUST OUT

The first issue of the online journal CARD ALPHA is available. Here.

Poet and editor Adam Hampton writes:

As editor, I took the
decision to begin this project in
order to bring together some of the
most exciting and ground-breaking
poetic works being produced by
both emerging and established
poets in the UK and around the
world today. This first issue has
been, on a personal level, at least,
a steep and forbidding scramble,
taken from the genesis of an
editorial idea, to the summit, which
is represented by the online
publication of this, the inaugural
issue. The magazine is to become,
I hope, a stronghold for the most
innovative and experimental poetry.

The contributors are

William Bulloch
Andrew Taylor
Iain Britton
John Seed
Gordon Gibson
Chris McCabe
Robert Sheppard
Sydney McNeill
Tom Jenks
Luke Thurogood

I am represented by ‘The Symboliste Quartet’ which is a set of 4 of my Petrarch 3 translations. More about those here. All 14 variations will be published by Crater Press, but these are the ones are chimerae, as the Oulipeans say, of Petrarch and Baudelaire, Mallarme, Rimbaud and Verlaine!

Please also see my notes on Petrarch variations by Peter Hughes and Tim Atkins here, which is how my project, a 'derivative derive', began its life. It's the most looked at page on this blog. You can read the original translation and my 'doggie' translation, 'Pet', here! And you can watch me read some of my 'Petrarch' variations here. Including the Jimmy Savile one.


'Petrarch 3' is now in print, see here and here.