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Tuesday, November 08, 2016

Clark Allison; Second online review of The Meaning of Form

Perennial and Multifarious Forms
Clark Allison’s piece on Stride is the second notice of my book and is labelled carefully ‘a brief response to Sheppard’s Meaning of Form in Contemporary Innovative Poetry (Palgrave)’, but it’s not brief at all. It does have a particular focus, as he explains: ‘I am predominantly interested at this stage … in Sheppard’s critical methodology,’ and that’s what he gives us. Thanks Clark, and thanks Rupert for publishing. Do have a read:

There is another review by Ian Brinton (see here) and a general introduction to the volume (with links to various associated pages) here. I show the ‘working out’ of some of the chapters and parts of chapters (along with digressions, caprices, poetic effusions and – frankly – jokes) in posts on this blog, and they are arranged, for scholar and lay-person alike, at what I call a ‘hub-post’, i.e., largely a page of links to all the posts pertaining to the chapters of the book in its earliest form: HERE.

The Meaning of Form may be purchased here: UK buyers

Clark’s review of my History or Sleep may be read here, and his piece on the state of British Poetry from 2008 may be read here. His poem 'Mind's Eye' may be read here from the earliest days of Pages here.