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Saturday, May 06, 2017

Ship of Fools press Exhibition: some miscellaneous fascicles

Some smaller items now. Above is 'Seven' (reproduced with images in Twentieth Century Blues) but here in the folded A4 2017 reprint that Patricia made. (It was originally A5.) The text doesn't work apart from its neo-formalist numerology and arrangement. Below is 'Improvisation Upon a Remark of Gil Evans', IM for Miles Davis from October 1991.

Some smaller New Year cards and pamphlets

We used - and still use - Ship of Fools as the publisher of our ephemera, which doesn't appear in our lists of publications. We've no idea what they all are. Here's some we found. Just now checking the dates of the Miles Davis elegy in a copy of Twentieth Century Blues another fascicle fell out!

.... plus copies of Pages (the forerunner of this blog!) See here about that 1987 beginning.
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