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Wednesday, May 17, 2017

Ship of Fools press Exhibition: The Blickensderfer Punch (Sheppard/Farrell)

The light around one side of the exhibition was not conducive to photo-snaps, but here are some pages from the artisanal publication The Blickensderfer Punch (2002) which was all about typewriters, and based upon the typewriters kept by Dave Stephenson in the Ship and Mitre pub in Liverpool before he sold it (and the typewriters). It was printed on fine paper and bound by black ribbon that resembled typewriter ink ribbons. It was probably the first computer image booklet we produced and there was a deliberate contrast between obsolete and emerging technologies. There is a big gap in Ship of Fools publications in the Liverpool years.  Here's a better image of this wall (third photo down on this link).

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