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Friday, June 02, 2017

Ian McMillan and Robert Sheppard text and video of February's perfomance now available on 3 am

For the Leeds Enemies gig I was paired with Ian McMillan and we decided we would write a piece simultaneously and then perform it simultaneously, which we did on February 9th! I write about that here and you can also view the video of the performance there.

Steven Fowler kindly offered to publish a combination of the texts in 3 am Magazine. That proved tricky, though it has appeared in a final version alternating the lines of our texts that I devised (it's lost the bold type that was used to distinguish between the two text-voices, if I may invent that term)!

Read it here - and you can also see the video of it to compare what I've done (with Ian's permission by the way!).

We hope you enjoy it!