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Sunday, June 04, 2017

Robert Sheppard and Patricia Farrell: Poetry from the Stage (Coventry) Saturday night

Courtesy of Leanne Bridgewater and Colin Scott, Patricia and I read in Coventry

Poetry from the stage, poetry night in Coventry at Albany Theatre on Saturday 3 June (7pm - 10pm)

The night promised what Leanne called ‘a massive  twist of taste, from an infusion of Indian dancers, various poetry voices, maybe some visual screening, topped with a pro-disability stance, featuring two poetry plays from Shaun Fallows and Jackie Hagan’, the last of whom topped the bill.

The city alive to the roaring engines and burning rubber of the Moto Fest, the Albany Theatre alive to that ‘variety’ Leanne mentioned.

I read: 

‘for Stephen’
‘Berline Bursts’
‘Prison Camp Violin, Riga’,

all from History or Sleep. Purchase details here: See various posts on my blog Pages about the selection  here. The first review may be read here.

I sold one copy (which wasn’t bad because they weren’t on display) to Raef Boylan who runs Here Comes Everybody. See here

Patricia read ‘(From within) a narrow vase’.

 It was good to talk to friends old and new after... Although yet again the unthinkable is unfolding on the TV set in the bar. I'm glad I'd read from the sequence 'Warrant Error'.