Sunday, December 17, 2017

Robert Sheppard: Bibliographical Problems with Magazine appearances 1972-2017!

I am currently putting together a bibliography of my work for the book that will come out of the Sheppard Symposium held earlier this year. (See here.) It’s going well, if a bigger job than I’d conceived. I know I have several shelves of the results of my magazine appearances, but when I started to list them I ended up with this list, which is not complete!

Creative Writing in Magazines (Select)

‘Poem’ and ‘A Vision’, Platform 4, Sept-October 1972
‘the lover’ Doris, 6: January 1975
from 'Homage to the Soft Machine', Alembic, Orpington, Alembic, 2 Aug 1978
‘To Penny, after music,’ Preston, Palantir, 1979
from ‘Triptych’, Great Works, 7, May 1979.
‘The Return of the Fair Gardener’, ‘Slightly all the time’, ‘The Frightened Summer’, meeting in fire’, Words Worth 1: 3, September 1979
Pre-Fab, Palantir, Preston, Palantir, 1980
poem: Notation, Oasis, London, Oasis, 1981
‘The Letters from the Basement, Figs 5, March 1981
‘Ghost Frames’, ‘The Blickling Hall Poem’, Kudos 7, April 1981
from 'Tombland', ‘The Factory Island Poems’,  Angel Exhaust 4, 1981
‘Of Appearances: Of a Naked World’, Molly Bloom 2, 1982.
‘Three unrevised sections from Ghost Book, Reality Studios Vol 5, 1983.
The Hungry Years, Palantir, 1983
: Returns, The Artful Reporter, Manchester, North West Arts, 1983
‘The Etiquette of Undersea Weddings’ and four poems of Wayne Pratt, Rock Drill 4, August 1983
The Blickling Hall Poem, Poor Old Horse, PN Review, Manchester, Carcanet Press, 1984
'Returns', New Statesman, London, New Statesman, 16 Mar 1984
'Situations', New Statesman, 26 Jul 1985
Robert Sheppard (1986) Processual, 'The Micropathology of the Sign', poem-introduction, London, Writers Forum
‘Strategies’, Ninth Decade 5, 1985
Mesopotamia, Reality Studios, London, Reality Studios, 1986
Unwritings, Staple Diet, Durham, Pig Press, 1986 (whole issue)
‘The Cannibal Club’ and ‘Looking North 1, Angel Exhaust 7, June 1987
Schrage Musik, Slow Dancer, London, Slow Dancer Press, 1987
from ‘Radio Anna’, ‘Homage to Bob Cobbing’, Archeus (n.p) 1989
from ‘Radio Anna’, First Offense 6, March 1990.
Untitled for Patricia Farrell, Raddle Moon, Vancouver, Raddle Moon, 1990
‘Smokestack Lightning’ and ‘The Magnetic Letter’, RWC 1, December 1990.
from ‘Boogie Stop Shuffle’, Fragmente 2, December 1990.
from ‘Smokestack Lightning’, Responses 2, February 1992.
Melting Borders, Critical Quarterly, London, Critical Quarterly, 33(2), 1991, 1991
from ‘Killing Boxes’, Memes 6, December 1991.
poems: Sharp Talk and Amended Signatures; Empty Diaries 1932-1936', Angel Exhaust 8, 1992
Empty Diaries 1938-1945, Slow Dancer 28, London, Slow Dancer Press, 1992
from Empty Dairies’, Oasis 54, July 1992.
 ‘Empty Diaries 1914-1919’, Scratch 8, June 1993.
‘Fucking Time’, Oasis 60, July 1993.
from ‘Smokestack Lightning’ in ANONATEXTOSAURUS: A4 Anonymous 19, 1993.
‘Stella by Starlight (Empty Diaries)’, :that: 18, December 1993
‘Empty Diaries 1968 and 1974’, Ramraid Extraordinaire 2, February 1994
‘The Girl Can’t Help it’ from Empty Diaries, Grille 3, April 1994.
'Empty Diary 1960-1966', Object Permanence 3, 1994
Shutters, Talus 8, London, Talus Editions, 1994
from ‘Empty Diaries’, First Offense 9, Spring 1994.
‘Empty Diary 1992’, Memes 10, September 1994.
 ‘Empty Diaries 1910-1908’, Ramraid Extraordinaire 3, October 1994
Empty Diaires (various), AND 7, London, Writers Forum, 1994
from The Lores, Form Card no. 49.
: The Lores, Book 8, West Coast Line, Vancouver, West Coast Line, 29(2), 1995
 ‘Empty Diary 1989/1990’, Blue Cage 4, April 1995.
‘The Lores, Book 9’, Mirage #4/Periodi(ical)#47, October 1995.
The Lores Book 10 in A Selection of New UK Poetry, Talisman, New Jersey, Talisman Press, 1996
from The Lores, Book 5, Oasis 76, January 1996.
from ‘The Lores, Book 5’, First Offense, ? March 1996.
The Lores Book 4, Angel Exhaust, 14, December 1996.

to the end of 1996… complete: sketchy after here:

Implosive Samples: Exploded Sestina', 'Untitled', Jacket (internet), Australia, Jacket, 1999
poems: for Scott Thurston, Small Voice, Small Voice 2, An Unsustained Sestina in Hundreds, Shearsman, Devon, Shearsman, 1999
: Armchair Adoption, In Good Voice, Tin Pan Arcadia, Towards a Neo-Diagonalist Manifesto', The Gig, Willowdale, Canada, The Gig, 1999
'Early Poems of Rene Van Valckenborch': 4 poems, The Adirondack Review,, web mag, 2000 (surely too early??? 2010???)
Abject Stutter Expectorates Laugh of the Human, For the Continuity Terminator, Oasis, London, Oasis Books, 2000
, poem: 'The Push Up Combat Bikini', Tears in the Fence, Devon, Tears in the Fence, 2001
1 ‘Angel at the Junk Box’, and ‘Freeze It’, Fire 14, May 2001.

prose-poem: 'In an Unknown Tongue', Oasis, London, Oasis, 2002
‘Smokestack Lightning’, Fire 17, May 2002.
'The Sacred Tanks of Dagenham’, cul de qui 1, September 2002.
‘Closing the Books, Locking the Chests’, Pores 2 ( December 2002.
, Reading 'The Reader' of Bernhard Schlink', Great Works (internet), Bishop Stortford, Great Works, 2004
'Only the Eyes are Left', 'A Scapel of Light Slicing Through a Smile'., The Gig, Willowdale, Canada, The Gig, 2004
Luscious Clusters', 'Poeme Objecte from the Catalan', 'The Pissing Bridge', Call, New York, USA, Call, 2004
: 'Four Odes', 'The Dusk of Liberty', 'Botanising the Asphalt of Veolpolis', Tears in the Fence, Devon, Tears in the Fence, 2004
: 'HymnS to the God in which my Typewriter Believes', Poetry Salzburg Review, Austria, Poetry Salzburg, 7, 2004
‘Pentimento – whatever happened next to Twentieth Century Blues’, AND 12, September 2004.
: In Memory of the Anti-Poem', Stride magazine (internet), Exeter, Stride, 2005
: 'Rattling the Bones - for Adrian Clarke', Softblow (internet), Singapore, Out of Print, 2005
Berlin Bursts, Shadowtrain 2 (internet), 2006
(2006) Van Valckenborch's Cube, Ekleksographia, 3
12 poems: from Warrant Error, Jacket (internet), Australia, Jacket, 2007
Poem, Agenda, Kent, Agenda Editions, 43(1), 24, 2007
(2008) two poems from Warrant Error, English, 57 (208), 125-6
Ordinary Renditions 1-12, Shearsman, Exeter, Shearsman Books, 43-9, 2008
Two Poems from Warrant Error, Stimulus-Respond, London, Stimulus-Respond, 2008
4 poems from Warrant Error, Veer Off, Birkbeck College, London, Veer Books, 2008
, Six poems from Warrant Error, Parameter, Manchester, Parameter, 2008
, 8 poems from September 12, Fire, Oxford, Fire, 39-41, 2009
from 'Poems Against Death', Poetry Wales, Brigend, Wales, Seren Books, 45(1), Summer 2009, 2009,
: 'Mute 'Piano Riga', ‘Cinna the Poet', ‘Song', `Women She Tells', Litter (internet), Nottingham, Leaf Press, 2009
(2010) Critical Tuning: Radio Interference and Interruption as a Poetics for Writing, VLAK, 1 (1), 62-66
, 'with veryan weston/BACKGROUND PLEASURES, AND, London, AND, 13, 51, 2010
, Dave Cave: Hologram Poet, Onedit (webzine, London, Onedit, 16, 2010
'The House of Opportunity', Shadow Train,, 2010
(2010) Two Poems Against Death, Tears in the Fence, 52, 39-40
In the Complex, Sunfish, 3, 7-14........................................................

It is incomplete, of course, because I have stopped it. While I think that the list of my reviews and articles informs, this list will be perhaps of interest to other poets who published in these years. Did you first appear in Platform? And where is Andrew Cozens, its editor, now?

What I’m going to do is simply list the magazines in order of my appearance in them, one appearance each. So this instead:

Platform, Doris, Alembic, Palantir, Great Works, Words Worth, Oasis, Figs, Kudos , Angel Exhaust, Molly Bloom, Reality Studios, The Artful Reporter, Rock Drill, PN Review, New Statesman, Ninth Decade, Reality Studios, Staple Diet, Slow Dancer, Archeus, First Offense, Raddle Moon, RWC, Fragmente, Responses, Critical Quarterly, Memes, Scratch, A4 Anonymous, :that:, Ramraid Extraordinaire, Grille, Object Permanence, Talus 8, AND, West Coast Line, Blue Cage, Mirage #4/Periodi(ical)#47, Talisman, Tears in the Fence, Boxkite, A.bacus, Vertical Images, Stride, The Gig, Counter-Hegemony, Shearsman, Lynx, Jacket, Terrible Work, Fire, Emergency Rations, cul de qui, Neon Highway, Pores, Call, Citizen 32, Poetry Salzburg Review, Softblow, Shadowtrain, Intercapillary Space, Exultations and Difficulties, Free Verse, The David Jones Journal, Pages, Popularity Contest, Skald, Agenda, Stimulus͢͢͢-Respond, New Writing, Veer Off, Parameter, Litter, Signals, English, Poetry Wales, Adirondack Review, Ekleksographia, Onedit, Eyewear, Sunfish, Roundyhouse, VLAK, Form and Fontanelles, Stand, The Claudius App, Damn the Caesars, The Wolf, Sugar Mule, Blackbox Manifold, Otoliths, International Times, Blazvox, Card Alpha, Noon, The Literateur, Poetry at Sangam, Adjacent Pineapple, Erbacce

I must have missed an earlier Erbacce: it isn’t the most recent, though I was in a recent issue (see here). Adjacent Pineapple is, though; see here for details...