Sunday, April 15, 2018

Twitters for a Launch part of the European Poetry Festival Manchester April 13th (set list)

Twitters for a Launch part of the European Poetry Festival Manchester April 13th

In addition to the European Camarade there were readings from European Union of Imaginary Author poets with me, but mainly featuring my collaborators

Patricia Farrell
SJ Fowler
Tom Jenks
Joanne Ashcroft
Scott Thurston
James Byrne
Sandeep Parmar

and our creations:

Ivalyo Dimitrov (Bulgaria)
Kasja Bergstrom (Sweden)
Georg Bleinstein (Luxembourg)
Matus Dobres (Slovakia)
Hubert Zuba (Malta)
Martina Markovic (Croatia)
Carte-Vitale (French resident)

I introduced the event, using this 'script':

I decided to write the poems of the European Union of Imaginary Authors (the EUOIA) long before I thought it would feature as part of a European Union of REAL Authors festival, for which, many thanks to Steven Fowler, MC extraordinaire of the Camarades. I decided to write them long before the ugly neologism (now not so neo) BREXIT arrived to complicate the project – and give to it a fresh political edge. If the right poets for the times don’t exist, it seems, then they have to be invented.

I decided to write these poems – working through a list of 28 imaginary poets drawn up for another project – collaboratively, to ensure the variety that such a project deserves. I took my lead from the collaborators: they chose the country and poet and often wrote the biographies that are sprinkled among the biographies of the real poets in this newly published volume Twitters for a Lark which we are launching tonight – and which I am hoping you will want to buy. Some of the poems were first devised for Camarades of various kinds, so that again makes tonight pertinent.

I decided in performance that, apart from a number of two-voiced pieces, the results of the processes of collaboration – the production of a third voice, as collaboration theory suggests, and in our case, the production of persons and personas and pessaos to inhabit that voice – demanded that a single voice should render the single and singular poems, which is not the characteristic practice of collaborative performance. So remember that everything you hear was produced collaboratively between my seven guests and myself, although you may hear only one voice, and not a lot of me. That means tonight, in this section, there are 15 poets reading, not all of them real.

Then Patricia Farrell and I performed a simultaneous two voiced piece by Ivalyo Dimitrov (Bulgaria). Then SJ Fowler and I read ‘Flak’ by Kasja Bergstrom (Sweden), Steven first poem, me the second. Tom Jenks and I performed a simultaneous 2 voiced verision of the single enigmatic poem by Georg Bleinstein (Luxembourg). Matus Dobres (Slovakia) was next up, with Joanne Ashcroft reading the single poem.
Scott Thurston read the single poem of Hubert Zuba (Malta). (Scott was carrying evidence of Zuba’s demise, but this was not revealed to the public, a bit like the evidence surrounding Scripal’s poisoning.) James Byrne and I read ‘Memorials’ by  Martina Markovic (Croatia), James number 7; me 26. Sandeep Parmar read the single long poem by Carte-Vitale (French resident).

Watch it all here:

or here:

Read more about the European Poetry Festival here:

All the videos are to be found here: 

and embedded on the website with some pictures too

Most of the evening's performers

At the Manchester gig I was also collaborating with a real Lithuanian poet Rimas Uzgiris,

which I thought went well.You may see that here.

Read more about the European Union of Imaginary Authors here and here. All the collaborators are accessible via links here.

This will probably be the last Twitters for a Lark launch reading. 

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