Sunday, October 27, 2019

Bill Griffiths; Six Ghost Stories for the darker nights

I have done this before, provided all the links to the 'ghost stories' of Bill Griffiths on this blog.

In 2005 I read a marvellous ghost story in Neon Highway written by Bill. I told him what I thought of it and he said he had more, both published in book form (Seaham Tales) and unpublished. I offered to publish six new ones - and did so, on Pages, one per month.

Enjoy this English municipal Gothic, Griffiths-style. Now the nights are drawing in, it's a good time to pick up on these. I hope you don't mind these raw links. They are numbered (excerpt number 5, oddly)

And my reading of Bill's The Book of the Boat may be accessed here

Links to videos celebrating the launch of the third volume of Bill's Collected Poems may be accessed here. His stories await their collector.