Friday, November 28, 2014

25 Edge Hill Poets: Hazel Mutch



This page     flies    flies     tilts

                                                     noun  drops   drift

                                                          verbs   wing

inwards    in sight

                a bright rush    a brushing

                                           touch               a pause,



 affecting   thorax  down  

                             shivering        between


                                               and symmetry





make sense

of dancing            over nothing     

                                                         but colours



This page   falls     



                                                            lines    turn

                                                            into time

kept   and cared about


I completed the Creative Writing MA in 2011 with distinction, and am currently training in Poetry Therapy with IAPT.  Writing poetry is part of my life practice and so my intention is to write consciously, experiencing and observing myself and the world around me, including in the act of writing. This is also the motivation behind my therapy poetry practice; to create the conditions in which poetry and writing can be used to gain insights which can bring freedom from conditioned thinking.

I continue to explore notions of how a poem’s existence parallels human existence, as I endeavour to fully experience both.

 Details of the Edge Hill MA here.