Sunday, June 21, 2015

Robert Sheppard: The Meaning of Form: new title & new order of contents

The Meaning of Form in Contemporary Innovative Poetry

Robert Sheppard

That's the new title. Below is the new contents page. You can see how it differs (and how it doesn't, from the description of the project and links to dry-runs, digressions and drafts of the the chapters, HERE. There is nothing new added, but the order of chapters was changed (and a half chapter on Christopher Middleton was dropped, though published it is here).


Introduction: Form, Forms and Forming

1. Veronica Forrest-Thomson: Poetic Artifice and Naturalization in Theory and Practice

2.  Convention and Constraint: Form in the Innovative Sonnet Sequence

3. Translation as Transformation: Tim Atkins’ and Peter Hughes’ Petrarch

4. Meddling the Medieval: Caroline Bergvall and Erín Moure

5. Translation as Occupation: Simon Perril and Sean Bonney

6. Rosmarie Waldrop: Poetics, Wild Forms and Palimpsest Prose

7. The Trace of Poetry and the Non-Poetic: Conceptual Writing and Appropriation in Kenneth Goldsmith, Vanessa Place and John Seed

8. Stefan Themerson: Iconopoeia and Thought-Experiments in the Theater of Semantic Poetry

9. The Making of the Book: Bill Griffiths and Allen Fisher

10. Geraldine Monk’s Poetics and Performance: Catching Form in the Act

11. Form and the Antagonisms of Reality: Barry MacSweeney’s Sin Signs




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