Sunday, June 28, 2015

Robert Sheppard: a de-selected poem & The Anti-Orpheus online

Voices Within

Otherword is other-                                                    The new wild order: slice
wise, is wise in the face of                                          certain pages from the Book

the world and the                                                        Of Songs; write or rot. I
word. It turns away from                                            keep another book of unsung

the world to let it be: snow                                         notsongs near my hand, to turn
falls on its own melting.                                              to song, thought’s counterpoint.

Tony Fraser asked me to shave 6 pages from my selected poems, which he is publishing later this year. I will post most of them here (excepting a substitution within A Translated Man of one text for another). This text above is taken from my poetics notes/poem/essay The Anti-Orpheus (which is available online on the Shearsman site here. It posits a Levinasian poetics.).