Friday, December 18, 2015

Robert Sheppard: Liverpool University Reading 2014 video now online (set list)


Just over year ago today I read at the University of Liverpool in the Miriam Allott series, and it has just been put online, here. The set list and an account of the reading may be read here. I knew it was being filmed so I was on my worst behaviour. But on good form, I think. Here's the list again to help navigating the video if you only want to watch a bit.

Set List

from Berlin Bursts

A Voice Without (which may be read here, among other texts)
Yet Another Poem (a draft may be read here)

from Warrant Error:

Poems 1-5 from ‘September 12’
5 Poems from ‘Out of Nowhere’ (some of these)

from Berlin Bursts

The first 4 ‘Poems Against Death’.

From ‘Petrarch 3: a derivative derive for Tim Atkins and Peter Hughes after Harry Mathews and Nicholas Moore (See a different set list here), now the first 'line' of the super-sonnet The Song Nets.

The ‘original’ Petrarch translation
(Read it in its original place for its original purpose here.)
Iron Maiden (sub-dom poem)
Pet (doggie poem; here)
Petrak: The First English Sonnet, Good Friday 4001
Now then now then and now (the ‘Jimmy Savile' poem; you could hear a pin drop)
twittersonnet (after Rene Van Valckenborch; read his twittersonnet and twitterodes here. And of my own later use of the form here)
VE Day 1985 (after Wayne Pratt)

Read more about Warrant Error here.
Read more about Berlin Bursts here.

'Petrarch 3' is now in print, see here and here.
Many of the poems I read appear in my History or Sleep: Selected Poems, which I was selecting around that time. See here.

Thanks Sandeep Parmar for organising.