Wednesday, December 09, 2015

An Educated Desire: Robert Sheppard at 60 edited by Scott Thurston is now available

Receiving the first copies: Novermber 2015

Scott Thurston has edited a festschrift in celebration of Robert Sheppard’s sixtieth birthday. It is an amazing read and it is available to buy from Knives Forks and Spoons. A sample is available here.

The contributors are:

Gilbert Adair    

Tim Allen    

Bruce Andrews   

David Annwn    

Tim Atkins    

Andy Brown    

James Byrne    

cris cheek    

Adrian Clarke    

Kelvin Corcoran   

Alan Corkish    

Jimmy Cummins   

Philip Davenport   

Ian Davidson    

Lyndon Davies    

Jan Dean    

Nikolai Duffy    

Ken Edwards   

Carrie Etter    

Patricia Farrell    

Clive Fencott    

Roy Fisher    

Allen Fisher    

S.J. Fowler    

Ulli Freer    

Harry Gilonis    

John Goodby    

John Hall    

Penny Hallas    

Alan Halsey    

Robert Hampson   

Colin Harris    

Jeff Hilson    

Ursula Hurley    

Peter Jaeger    

Elizabeth James  

Tom Jenks    

Judy Kendall    

Rupert M Loydell   

Chris McCabe    

Ian McMillan    

Peter Middleton   

Drew Milne   

Geraldine Monk   

Stephen Mooney   

Cath Nichols    

Simon Perril    

Frances Presley   

William Rowe    

Antony Rowland   

Ian Seed   

John Seed   

Gavin Selerie    

Iain Sinclair    

Zoë Skoulding   

Hazel Smith   

Andrew Taylor    

Philip Terry    

Scott Thurston    

Rhys Trimble    

Lawrence Upton   

Steve Van-Hagen  

Steven Waling   

Cliff Yates

(So it's great thanks to them all again! I am slowly contacting you all independently. Robert)