Monday, June 01, 2015

Journal of British and Irish Innovative Poetry: Bill Griffiths Special Issue now out!

No sooner have I said my farewells to the Journal of British and Irish Innovative Poetry, (see here) than I remember there is my last issue, as it were, to come, and it just has, and it's a corker: a special Bill Griffiths issue, with contributions from guest editor Ian Davidson, Bill Lancaster, John Muckle, Alan Halsey, Allen Fisher, Jeff Hilson, Juha Virtanen, and William Rowe (see here for a brief touching upon Rowe's piece, which, of course, I'd read in draft, as a footnote to my work on form, for which see here).

Here you may read about the future of the journal. A big hello from me to Gareth Farmer and Vicky Sparrow, who will work with Scott Thurston from now on. The present and the past remains available from Gylphi, our fine publisher, in the shape of all the previous issues (the special Cobbing one is good as a package too), and you can also buy an online version , and you can even buy individual essays by authors.

That's all here. And will stay here.

I write about Bill Griffiths and form here. Bill also appeared on Pages as a ghost story writer, and his contributions may be accessed from a hub post here. Videos of the launch of the latest volume of his Collected Poems may be viewed here.