Friday, November 06, 2015

November 1955: Critical Tuning: Radio Interference and Interruption as a Poetics for Writing (footnote to Words Out of Time)

See here for my 'Critical Tuning: Radio Interference & Interruption as a Poetics for Writing', in VLAK Vol 1: Number 1: 2010. Scroll to pp. 62-66 of the pdf. This is also footnote to 'The Given', part one of Words Out of TimeSee here. This is the introit to 'The Given':

I remember I re-

A valve radio
Left on all day gathered

Electrical interference
From passing cars a crackle

Rising to a spitting and passing
Cars that are eternally

Eternally passing

At the heart of things
This heartless

Irritation this re-
Iteration of the pure prosaic