Tuesday, November 24, 2015

robert sheppard & life is short at bluecoat 15th november (set list)

robert sheppard: the tweets of microbius: life is short at bluecoat, liverpool (november 15th 2015):
part of being human: a festival of the humanities

curated by professor ailsa cox

this was a celebration of all things small and perfectly formed, from the hadron to the haiku, the boson to the butterfly. activities include talks, exhibitions and hands-on workshops on how we perceive and capture moments in time; on miniature objects and microscopic creatures; and on the short form in the arts and literature. 

i read the 'tweets of microbius', twittersonnets. the tweet versions of these twittersonnets may be found on microbius’ twitterfeed: https://twitter.com/microbius.

the form was invented by the invented rene van valckenborch and all of his twitterodes (the originals) may be read here. or click onto 2010 to the right of this post and you'll betaken to them all, AND individual posts with photos. worth a look. read them in my (or his) the translated man (shearsman 2013). see here.

this is the last tweet, complete with images! 


hooke's flea
flee from
the flea u
nder the g
lass: furr

y legs and
tufted tu
sks; preci
se menace/

look at ho
oke’s full
stop: scuf

fed flares
, a furred
black sun

hooke's fullstop

Who would have thought they'd end up illuminated at blackpool: see here.