Wednesday, March 22, 2017

Robert Sheppard: Roy Fisher (I.M.) Last week's seminar

This is the handout I issued to my MA group:

Roy Fisher:  MA Creative Writing 15th March 2017

 Three quotes from interviews (poetics)

I would say to myself: I am on a number fifteen bus in Birmingham. I am familiar with the sensibility of Paul Klee or Kokoschka but I’m not familiar with the places they were at, but I’ll play some perceptual games and I will de-Anglicize England – which seems to me absolutely essential.

The only point of using any form is to create freedom forms and not to do things about the imposition of order on chaos and this sort of rubbish.

As far as I see it, a poem has business to exist, really, if there’s a reasonable chance that somebody may have his perceptions rearranged by having read it or having used it. The poem is always capable of being a subversive agent, psychologically, sensuously, however you like.

Please watch this video (15mins)

On it he reads:

‘The Thing About Joe Sullivan’
‘The Entertainment of War’
‘The Nation’
‘Text for a Film’
‘Birmingham River’
‘For “Realism”’
It is Writing’

(all poems you can find in The Long and Short of It and in other books; some we shall consider)

Read this review: