Friday, October 10, 2014

25 Edge Hill Poets: Alice Lenkiewicz

Alice Lenkiewicz was an English and Art graduate of the BA programme at Edge Hill University: she is a well-published poet and fiction writer, AND a visual artist and gallery owner. All the images, book covers and otherwise, are by Alice.

Poems from Maxine


Published by bluechrome publishing


ISBN: 1904781721

Exercise 4 in floating

eyes open eyes shut

in space (someone I once knew)

darkness empty road

head rotates

mechanism of distant tears

key floats away

towards shimmering

wet pavement

casting remains of blindness departed the empty room

towards emptiness to store things precious to cast

and bury the surface a clear stone of greyness covered

all six through doors greying further in-between myself

gliding an area base since walking to store things

burns the cast mixture with sadness since that is the red

of it placed inside the tide within the inner pulling

edges beyond the darkness

Poems from Men Hate Blondes

The Fire Starters

In 1932

He shed his shoes

Walked past the grey

Drab apartment blocks

And entered the forest

Of rising flames where an unfamiliar

Sky followed a trail of amber smoke

Above the vivid horizon

An eagle watched

The empty silence the good

And safe place smoke

Moving but silent

There was a moment of consideration

As he entered the clearing

Redwood trees

And fragments

Translucent in shadows

The 1929 St Valentine's Day Massacre

we walked the river

land without shadows

everywhere knowing

                 you’ve lost all sense of shame

the sun unfastens a still

cafĂ© triggers the “raid”

for hooch as the mob fired

                seven victims at 2122

not a word spoken

each time returning

footsteps come into our lives

               in the view of streetlamps

my eyes weeping

snow is falling

there he lies body black

               dreaming of strange cities

secrets gather the sleepy

horizon to lose identity

re-enter the real world

              to have nothing else to give

as the light fell away

i stood there beside the

wonder wheel

             as the sea soothes this first day


Fleeting light glides a thought while eyes ponder the madness of gold. Between insults, jealousy of glitter creates a sleek glance.

Her sight demands no chance for the hurt to see inside. Completion of isolation will extend towards the ceiling inside a pink haze.

Interference rejects the smile but now there is movement and desire only in the memory. The faking is possible underneath a glass floor, or is it fate.

Enough punching ground for later. Gold is an illusion. Only one door here. Lights obey. Maybe the glow is the after-thought. But did it really happen.

There is nothing to fear. Her immobile state creates a line of falling statues. Walls are vital for advice. Tables and chairs in need of the right balance. Anguish creates the prize.


Remnants of voices magnify the emptiness of the night before in front of scattered particles. The ritual guarded by her vision of a miracle, vodka cuts through her body.


No good pretending it didn’t happen. Anger of course was always part of it. Never a reason to look official in black.


Maniacs of vulnerable youth. Tragedy compartments meet the flower junkies. The betrayal is surrounding me.

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Men Hate Blondes

·         Paperback: 108 pages

·         Publisher: original plus (1 Nov 2009)

·         Language: English

·         ISBN-10: 0956243347

·         ISBN-13: 978-0956243348
Men Hate Blondes links

Details of the MA in Creative Writing here.