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Friday, January 23, 2015

25 Edge Hill Poets: Debbie Walsh

Nimbus Movements is published by Knives Forks and Spoons. See here. Debbie says of her work by way of poetics:

... 'The work I try to represent spans the invisible space between sensory response and syntactical elaboration. The tense, tone and meaning are often juxtaposed between space and silence – representing the place beyond words that cannot be felt fully or measured precisely'.


Insignia Drowning


   The   felt before thought

Before dilution

          Before  a  simplification of words.


And love?

          A moist breath   fingering skin

And  You close, deep         perfect tense


And   the door closes and closes


 tears ceaselessly               end .

   Memory is anaemic.


 The past           a scape

 a foliage of words         conceal

          transitive         heritable.


Now as clarity fades  dust

         imagination folds        recoils.



The smooth.

         The steel-stone box.

                Moments piled on moments.


I breathe                  dust of absence

            I well   at smiles

               at glances               held


                                    hands            held.


        Love              wrapped

 in smoke filled air





You               uniform framed.

               You             hollowed-out

tunnel-eyed   into              

 a restless symmetry

             of still  warm  ash

of flayed-flesh

of blacked-out screams.



 And this

           gathered  paradox


certain as a pulse

    your soft mouth    pressed

                 a corolla

                       a zephyr.


Explode  my heart

                 meet this rage

     this decayed regret     

                  come        alive  out of



 Debbie Walsh was a student on the MA at Edge Hill, details here