Tuesday, April 07, 2015

Robert Sheppard: Poems in Blazevox's 15th Anniversary Edition (for Ern Malley and Philip Jeck)

I’m pleased to say I have work in the latest Blazevox here. This is the first time I have appeared in this long running webzine, and I’m delighted to find I’m in the 15th anniversary edition. Read about that here in a piece by editor Geoffrey Gatza. 

The main link takes you to all the work, but my two contributions are special (to me, anyway). Here.

One is my ‘Ern Malley Suite’, my writing-through of the collages one of the hoaxers made during the 1940s hoax in Australia. I make much play of the fact that 'Ern' was meant to have been born in Liverpool. It is due to re-appear as my contribution to the EUOIA anthology in which I appear as a fictional poet (or imaginary author).See here.

The second is a piece I wrote for the musician Philip Jeck, 'Spectres of Breath'. It is a response to the strange language we find in music reviews. It is a verbal vinyl album (sides A and B), it is in ‘tracks’, but it is NOT an attempted approximation of Phil’s own music. See and hear material on Phil here. Or even here:

  An essay on the Ern Malley affair and its Liverpool celebrations may be read here: