Wednesday, April 01, 2015

25 Edge Hill Poets: Jason Argleton


                                    mist we called it

fog would have done as well a haze

            in the dip of the road

a gauze over the eye      it hung there

fading as we approached only


                                                to see it then across

            the playingfields a filigree

for moonlight to filter through

                                                            the house by

the road seemed to wipe it free

                        for its length

as though sheltering

clear air the spotlights

                                                                        of the school

            picked out motes of watercrystal

                        in a shaft across the darkness     

I was a student at Edge Hill and this poem was written for the second year Land and Landscape module a year or so back. My final dissertation was a comparative study of the poetry of Ern Malley and Bob McCorkle, and I am currently pursuing a practice-led PhD on Osianism. Poems have appeared in the Journal of Pierre Menard, and I've translated some of the less controversial parts of Sophie Poppmeier's notorious Book Two into English, the poems 'stickman' and 'stickman inside and out', for example, rather than 'Stretched and Split by the Goat Men of Bremen'. (Read more about her, here and here and here.) The prosody of Book Two influenced 'dip'.  Read more about Edge Hill here.