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Friday, October 07, 2016

Robert Sheppard and Sandeep Parmar's Carte-Vitale appears in Card Alpha

Issue Two of Adam Hampton’s Card Alpha is now online. It may be found here or here.

It features work by

Patricia Farrell (visual work: see here)
Sandeep Parmar and Robert Sheppard
France, Carte-Vitale (born 1973: one of the EUOIA poets; see here and here)
Laura Tickle (see here)
Joanne Ashcroft (see here)
Tonya Eberhard
William Clunie
Joseph Victor Milford
Steven Waling

 See more about the EUOIA poets here and here. And on Adam Hampton here.

There are three winners of the Rhiannon Evans Poetry Prize published in this issue (if we count the editor).