Monday, July 23, 2018

Robert Sheppard: my 'Prison Camp Violin, Riga' is Guardian Poem of the Week

I am pleased to say that my poem ‘Prison Camp Violin’ was the Guardian poem of the week: the week beginning 23rd July 2018. I would like to thank Carol Rumens for selecting it, and for writing an insightful commentary on the poem and its poetics.

That link should work, even after the 'week'; if not: try the generic link (and this gives you access to Carol's weekly choice and commentaries):

Thanks to all the people who have shown such interest in the poem in this showing. This poem, on its own, appears in my History or Sleep: Selected Poems, but was originally published in Berlin Bursts, paired with another Riga poem as part of a 'Riga Duet'. Both of these books are still available and may be read about and purchased here and here.  

The poem also appears on this blog, here, where it is paired with its twin poem, which is about another musical instrument (a mute piano this time) fashioned by Latvian inmates of Soviet prison camps. You'll also find another, unrelated, poem about Riga. I saw the musical instruments in Riga's Museum of Occupation. The Poet's Room was a strange room in another museum, as described.

Read here about the 'Sheppard' Symposium held last year at Edge Hill. This year there will be a book based on its discussions. I've noticed that links to my Shearsman volumes have been changed, so here they are in raw form, but you can discern the titles for them. They might be of use to any newcomers to my work who might find themselves here. I have a website here where I write about my work.  

More posts in September. I'm having my annual break from blogging and Twitter.