Wednesday, May 22, 2019

poems from The English Strain (sonnets) and Empty Diaries (2017 and 2018) published in BlazeVOX

I am pleased to say I have six poems published in BlazeVOX 19, edited by Geoffrey Gatza, a press as well as a magazine ( Thanks Geoffrey!

The six poems come from 2 sequences, but they are linked by being somewhat excessive! Probably best way to navigate is via the editorial page/ index

and then you can see what other goodies are on offer, though you may get straight to the pages here:

You will see I have four poems from ‘The English Strain’ project, versions of the Sussex sonneteer Charlotte Smith, called Elegaic Sonnets.

Another of these may be read in Smithereens 2, on page 15:

BUT I also have two of the recent episodes from my continuation, into the 21st Century, of my Empty Diaries project. All the 20C parts are, logically enough, in Twentieth Century Blues,

where you can read the one for 1993, ‘Flesh Mates on Dirty Errands’.

On BlazeVOX you may read ‘Empty Diary 2017’ and ‘Empty Diary 2018’

The latter I read at the launch of The Robert Sheppard Companion, because it seemed to be the most cited work of mine in it, especially by Joanne Ashcroft ‘A Response to Vitality’. (see here for that night:

The 2015 one was published in India by Ranjit Hoskote at Poetry at Seagam. Empty Diary 2015

Other 21C 'Empty Diaries' may be accessed here; 

I write about my sonnets generally here, and here and see here and here for more on my Petrarch obsession, which ‘The English Strain’ project into motion.

Links to a number of the published poems from Non Disclosure Agreement (the last part of the proposed book of The English Strain) may be accessed here: