Sunday, April 11, 2021

ON THIS DAY 2020 I wrote a melting column version of LEL's 'The Dancing Girl' in lockdown for British Standards

ON THIS DAY 2020, as coronavirus took hold, and the hospitalisations and deaths reached their first peak, and what we thought of then as THE (single) lockdown unfolded, I wrote one of my responses to it: one of my ‘14 Standards’, using selected Romantic sonnets.  In this case ‘An Overdub of Letitia Elizabeth Landon's The Dancing Girl’'.

My account of ‘14 Standards’ is here here:

Pages: Robert Sheppard: 14 Standards from British Strandards is complete as one sonnet appears at the virtual WOW Festival 2020 (hub post)

Read the poem here. Or about the poem (and hear/see another video of me reading it) here.  


British Standards is the third book of the ‘English Strain’ project, and '14 Standards' is an important part of it. My post on the whole of British Standards may be accessed here: Pages: Transpositions of Hartley Coleridge: the end of British Standards (and of The English Strain project) (

Book One, The English Strain is described here (on a post that was written before it gained its title!).

There’s another post on Book Two, Bad Idea here .

I am delighted to say that Book One, The English Strain is available from Shearsman; see here:


I am also delighted to say that Book Two, Bad Idea is available from Knives Forks and Spoons; see here: