Saturday, April 23, 2022

Patricia Farrell: New work in International Times (and links and video)

Quite a large representational chunk has appeared from Patricia Farrell’s Rime in International Times, a work of visual and lexical poetry. 

from Rime 

From Rime – part one

From Crashed Anglia (Rime – part two)

From Coda: Without Reason (Rime – part three)


More of Coda appears online on Abandoned Playground here: Poems by Patricia Farrell (

 There is more in the second edition of the journal of the Edge Hill Poetry and Poetics Research Group.


Patricia Farrell is a poet and visual artist.  Her most recent book publication is High Cut: My Model of No Criteria (Leafe Press, 2018). See here:

Here are links to pages of her completely visual work, A Space Completely Filled with Matter

which may be purchased in whole from Veer, here:

Patricia Farrell reads a selection of her earlier work here:

And her collaboration with Helen Tookey may be seen here:

 And our own collaborations, via our micro-press Ship of Fools, were featured here when we exhibited some of our works: Pages: Ship of Fools press Exhibition Edge Hill 2017: Hub post (links) and Introduction (

The last time we collaborated in public we did this:Pages: Robert Sheppard and Patricia: The Passionate Nymph'/The Impassive Shepherd' : European Poetry Festival, Manchester 2019 (set list)

Don’t forget to check out Patricia’s website: Patricia Farrell - Home (