Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Robert Sheppard: Poem in International Times

I have a poem in International Times. Yes, that International Times. It’s online now - and there is an archive of the ancient editions (I scrolled randomly to find a song for the magazine itself by Kevin Ayres, bless him, circa 1968). How I would have loved to have been in it in 1970; but I’m happy enough now to be a belated visitor. The new issues look pretty good. Here. And the archive here.

The poem is ‘Workless Washday: Burnt Journal 1952’, a birthday poem for Frances Presley (‘Burnt Journals’ is a special series of those). Read it here. I noticed they have tagged it 'Surreal poetry'.

IT from 1970

And thanks to Rupert Loydell, the poetry editor.

There is also an obituary to John 'Hoppy' Hopkins that includes some great photos of his world, as a countercultural organiser and co-founder of the journal here.