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Friday, May 08, 2015

25 Edge Hill Poets: And the total numbered 27! for 25 Years of Creative Writing at Edge Hill University

I have now completed the showing of Edge Hill Poets (though I happily over-recruited), one for each year that Creative Writing has been taught at Edge Hill University (which is the THES University of the Year, by the way), and in celebration of the poetic talent of our BA, MA, PhD students (but not the staff, though they've been pretty good too; this year, apart from me: James Byrne, Lindsey Holland, Joanne Ashcroft, Patricia Farrell, Andrew Oldham, and, sadly, the late Dinesh Allirajah). (See here too.) And these are only the poets, of course. So this is less than half the story. (For example, look at this year's long list for the Edge Hill Short Story Prize, which is administered by my colleague Ailsa Cox, here.)

Martin Palmer has a take on this event here, as he began to re-blog all of my posts, one of which was his own, here. He has an additional summative post on the series himself here. (As he says in it we've got into a strange interinanimation of our blogs that might be dubbed 'loop-linking'.)

My own take on 25 Edge Hill Poets, and my partial history of Edge Hill Creative Writing (we were early in the game) may be read here. If you missed any of the poets, their work, often with a photograph, statement of poetics and reflections on Edge Hill, can be accessed through the links there.

One of the 25 Poets, Luke Thorogood, published poets like Steven Fowler and Sonya Groves in the fourth edition of his magazine Three and a Half Point Nine , but he also published work by others, well-known and less-known, from the Edge Hill nexus, all members of the Edge Hill 25. They are: Natasha Borton, Scott Thurston, Adam Hampton, Tom Jenks, and Elio Lomas.  Read it here.

Details of the MA in Creative Writing at Edge Hill may be accessed here.

During the period I have been posting 25 Edge Hill Poets, I have celebrated another anniversary, ten years of this blog. See here for the first of several posts marking that.

Cliff Yates preparing to record his contribution to the PPRG CD, with Angela Keaton watching, 2009

On 11th March 2015 at The Rose Theatre, the Arts Centre, Edge Hill University, Ormskirk, I hosted, as I have for years, a poetry event, this time one in two halves. I introduced a Quick Fire First Set of Poetry to Celebrate 25 Years of Creative Writing at Edge Hill, by reading from my first 25 Poets' post, here, before introducing six of the poets from this series: Matt Fallaize, Alice Lenkiewicz, Bill Bulloch, Scott Thurston, Joanne Ashcroft and Tom Jenks (in that order). This was followed by the main act by the Main Man, Ian Seed, author of Anonymous Intruder (Shearsman 2009). Shearsman have also published his collections Shifting Registers (2011) and Makers of Empty Dreams (2014). See here for more. He edits Shadowtrain (see the latest 'carriage' here). It was an excellent reading by all, but feedback was particularly positive for Joanne Ashcroft, whose work is going from strength to strength. See here.

All of the 25 Edge Hill Poets may be accessed here.

Or here:

All 27 (I know: I'm beyond my limit! but that's good) poets are here (you can read the lower case names at the end of each link with several at the end with their own joint link):

(suddenly raw links don't seem to work anymore. It's lazy blogging anyway, so here's the last few as links:

Jason Argleton here.
Bill Bulloch here
Anthony Arnott here
Steven Fletcher here.
Leigh Harlett here.
Anthony Keating here.

Plus Elio Lomas and Luke Thurogood in collaboration with text and performance here.