Wednesday, September 18, 2019

First Review of Micro Event Space by Alan Baker on Litter

Hot on the foot of Andrew Taylor’s account of the Poetry and Poetics Research group on Litter, here, there appears the first review of Micro Event Space by Litter editor Alan Baker, which pretty much gets to the point of its attempted minimalism: short poems about little things in a small short run book in the neat Red Ceilings series. Alan’s final words are ‘This is a much bigger book than is apparent from its physical appearance.’ Thanks for the review Alan. Read it HERE.Or here.

Details of the book here (and lots of links to some of the (micro) events and collaborations and publications included therein):

Micro Event Space Book Launch
There’s also a review by Steve Spence of the anthology Noon: An Anthology of Short Poems, edited by Philip Rowland, that one of my short ‘twittersonnets’ in the book was published in.

My last poetry in Litter was four ‘Burnt Journal’ poems, birthday poems for poet friends:

Micro Event reader