Monday, September 30, 2019

The End of 'Work': the unfinished part of Robert Sheppard's Words Out of Time published in LUNE magazine

I'm pleased to say I have some new work in the online journal


Guest Edited by Nathan Jones, one of the co-organisers of Storm and Golden Sky (relevant because quite a few of our readers are featured here). See here for more.Thanks to Nathan.

Issue 03: Display (link here)

p. 65 if you are scrolling.

Lune is edited by Jenn Ashworth and Charlie Gere from Lancaster University. Caty Flynn is Assistant Editor.

I have a piece of experimental prose which I explain in the head to the text here.

My book Words Out of Time: autrebiographies and unwritings (Knives Forks and Spoons) ends with a piece entitled ‘Work’. In that version it finishes not with a full stop but with ellipses. That’s because its focus, the world of work, acts of, commitments to, actions of labour, wasn’t over for me at that time (the book appeared in 2015). Formally, the text distends time, or slows it even (the original idea was 15 words for unwritings of diaries when I’m 15, 50 for when I was 50, and thus 61 words for when I was 61, etc, but that broke down to nevertheless leave the general effect). That means that the text covering 2011-17 is as long as that for 1965-2011! (I was reacting against the fact that most conventional (auto)biographies spend more time on their subjects’ early years, and I wanted this section to ‘do different’.) Here’s the end of that end.

Words Out of Time (without this supplement) is still available from Knives Forks and Spoons. Buy it here.

I write about it here. There are links to reviews and outtakes.  

I also write about this new piece here.