Monday, September 23, 2019

Robert Sheppard sonnets from Bad Idea published in Tears in the Fence 70

I'm pleased to say four poems from Bad Idea have been published in Tears in the Fence in its 70th issue. These are versions of Michael Drayton's 1619 sequence Idea which have been appearing in magazines as part of my 'English Strain' project. 

Thanks to editor David Caddy. Tears in the Fence 70 is now available at

This issue also features poetry and prose poetry from Jeremy Hilton, Jeremy Reed (on Bill Butler of Unicorn Bookshop, Brighton), Charles Hadfield, Mandy Pannett, Lisa Dart, Simon Collings, David Ball, Tamsin Blaxter, Seán Street (of Liverpool), Jessica Mookherjee, Peter J. King, Lucy Hamilton, Andrew Henon, David Sahner, Rhea Seren Phillips, Beth McDonough, John Freeman (I always stop to read his work), L. Kiew, Andrew Duncan, Charles Wilkinson, Rhys Trimble, Ruby Reding, Peter Hughes (two fine lyrics), Maria Jastrzębska, Jane Joritz-Nakagawa, Hazel Smith, Lucia Daramus, Vik Shirley, Julie Mellor, Michael Henry, Cora Greenhill, Maggie Giraud, Paul Matthews, Adam Horovitz, Sarah Barnsley, Beth Davyson, Paul Green, Caroline Maldonado, Lesley Burt, Jonathan Chant, Jane Wheeler, Miranda Lynn Barnes and Reuben Woolley. There is editorial matter too, part of which points to Red Ceilings Press and my latest micro-presentation Micro-Event Space. (See here.) Lots of goodies...

Fortunately some other ‘Bad Idea’ poems may be read online. I’m pleased to say three poems appear in Monitor on Racism. Find the poems here:

Four consecutive poems from Bad Idea (XLV-XLVIII) are published together in International Times. HERE

I write about those here:

[Update 2021: I’m delighted to announce that Bad Idea is available NOW from Alec Newman’s excellent press Knives Forks and Spoons, with a cover design by Patricia Farrell. You may get it HERE: ]