Monday, October 18, 2021

A Fictional Poet's Notebook (part 5)

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Sophie Poppmeier: 18th October 2020: I am writing myself into being, again, for I have done this a number of times, or so I’ve been written.

            Somewhere somebody is deciding I have a thing about feet or that I am a vegetarian. (Neither is the case.) Somewhere somebody is cooking up unsuitable boyfriends who, at a stroke of a pen, become husbands, and, at a further stroke of the pen, become ex-husbands. That would be an arranged marriage of a particular literary kind.

            I talked once to a woman who worked on a long running TV series, almost a soap opera, and she said they had a book called ‘The Bible’, in which all the details of the places and people in the narratives were spelt out at great length. For example, at the town’s top hotel (at which new characters often stayed as they were introduced to plot-lines) there was a rifle range out the back: not one episode, not one panning shot, not one overheard gunshot, not one sly reference, alluded to the rifle range. Was it there or not, in the monumental background fiction that was being constructed?

            Called away by my bowels.

I am becoming more of a Berliner every day, inspecting my evacuations.

Sophie Poppmeier is one of the ‘fictional poets’ of my European Union of Imaginary Authors project, and she appears both in Twitters for a Lark and A Translated Man (both Shearsman book). The EUOIA website which describes both the project as a whole (here: European Union of Imaginary Authors (EUOIA) - Home ( ) and contains a page about her (here: Sophie Poppmeier (1981-) Austria - European Union of Imaginary Authors (EUOIA) ( ). Two relevant posts about her burlesque work may be read here and here. A poem from Book 4 may be read online here.

 I have been writing a notebook to try to write her into the present, as it were, and I’m presenting most of it here, in instalments, like the text itself.

 The first installment includes links to all the posts: