Tuesday, October 05, 2021

A Fictional Poet's Notebook (entry one)(hubpost to other parts)

Sophie Poppmeier is one of the ‘fictional poets’ of my European Union of Imaginary Authors project, and she appears both in Twitters for a Lark and A Translated Man (both Shearsman book). The EUOIA website which describes both the project as a whole (here: European Union of Imaginary Authors (EUOIA) - Home (weebly.com) ) and contains a page about her (here: Sophie Poppmeier (1981-) Austria - European Union of Imaginary Authors (EUOIA) (weebly.com) ). Two relevant posts about her burlesque work may be read here and here. A poem from Book 4 may be read online here.

I have been writing a notebook to try to write her into the present, as it were, and I’m presenting most of it here, in instalments, like the text itself. It's probably best to start with her page on the EUOIA website (see above). 

This first installment includes links to all the posts (so far).  I'll be posting them a year after they were written - except the final two, because we'd have to wait too long for the climax.

The blank handkerchief is like a sudden bad mood.

5th October 2020: I begin to write in this notebook and I find the above already there, though it is not in my handwriting. I imagine it is a message from the mannequin that stands, dressed in my outfit from the Ute Lemper burlesque, in my bedroom. I know it has powers of apparition, one might say. It suddenly embodies, disembodies, and droops (like a Bladerunner replicant). This is the prologue to my notebook, to its performance. I have heard of talking creatures in folktales, of boars in Middle European forests, rodents on British dependencies. It works like this: if I talk to it long enough, it will cease to be a thing, and become a person, a personality. It’s not going to have a gender – like on stage. It was my female lover in one, but Putin’s soldier, in another, act. (You know which one, that one, 'Pegging Putin').

            Why does my enthusiasm drain so quickly for these writings? (I want to leave the desk to delight myself with my own thoughts, not to perform for anybody any longer.)


This post is also a hubpost with links to the rest of the notebook as they are posted. There are eleven parts in all. The last two are perhaps the most important. 

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