Sunday, May 08, 2016

Croaky Albert Fly sings/music day

The piano was tuned but my voice had given in to the Croak and I keep doing the Tony Bennett whisper to compensate by the time Steve recorded this. Too much singing in the morning and singing along to Major Major. But the rendition of our staple 'Motherless Child Blues' (below) recorded earlier in the evening has me in OK voice. Odd. So maybe this is the one to watch. On piano, as ever, Steve. Together: the Blooze Brothers.

Diary: 30th April 2016: I'd already declared this music day and it lived up to that name. After a little EUOIA work [I played guitar, harp and sang, really for the first time since my birthday see here].... out in the afternoon to Kelly's where Nathan's Nina was expected to be playing. [The Smithdown Road Festival] Wasn't. Saw Vidar Norheim playing vibes and singing. Back later for a cool set by Mike Badger and the Shady Trio. Also caught an energetic end to Major Major, featuring an old schoolfriend of Stephen's. (S was around and about.) Then to MDI to see Veryan Weston (big hugs) and Trevor Watts. Magnificent and so different from the afternoon, playing with the Merseyside Improvisors' Orchestra, who were pretty good too. Then to Maggi's for Lavinia's 30th. Then, on music day, it was my turn. Steve had had the piano TUNED, and it was in good form, and so was he. The usual songs, but also I played blues harp. And home at 4.30, Steve still playing as P (who'd had a little nap) ... Birds' dawn chorus to end music day.

Sunday: saw Fort Baxter, Rival Bones, Voo and (my favourite:) Big Safari....

See here for un-croaky New Year's Eve singing (though the piano is untuned): here. It's 'Motherless Child Blues' again.