Tuesday, December 06, 2016

Andrew Taylor: Trains and White Fields (for Patricia Farrell)

Trains and White Fields 
        for Patricia Farrell

Up here
      against the window
rain pelts

the white has remained

Space enough to sleep
white dots on blue

Tailor made blinds in a rainbow of colours
are available 

Cold tea 
      slightly milky

in a Whittard mug
leftover from the 90s

a Northern Line greeting 
the archive remains

Painting winter hollow the fields an empty sight
the hills are like sorrow

Mike Lawson's ‘Christ in the Wilderness’
bubble wrapped stored

Up here

[acknowledgements to Brett Anderson]
Patricia reading at Blackburne House; photo (c) Andrew Taylor.

 Andrew Taylor is a lecturer in English and Creative Writing at Nottingham Trent University. He previously worked at Edge Hill University with Patricia Farrell. On occasion, they would share a train journey to Ormskirk and the walk to the university. Often they would talk about poetry and art. They also shared time together as members of the Edge Hill Poetry and Poetics Research Group. Once they went to Tate Liverpool with creative writing students. They also launched their debut poetry collections together in Liverpool. See here for that event!

More on Andrew Taylor from those Poetry and Poetics Research Group 1 days here (with poetry) and here (with poetics). And his website for up to date information here.

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