Saturday, December 10, 2016

Sarah Crewe: march of the patricia

march of the patricia

she was spoken
                          so softly
              shoes of red
pathways                                     no promises
               no demands
                                     the blood of the martyr
the aspirations    
                                      of an alligator
aerosol                                                                    the bricks
                 baby mash potato
she was at the party                                                she would  stay up    
                                                                                                              & fight
changes                               of expression
                                                                           of possibility
we are young
                      ask me                  in thirty years
i will say
                      love is a battlefield
                                                     the latin for noble
the resident team                                                                      patricia farrell

 Patricias include: St.Patricia of Naples, Non Existent Patricia by L7, Plaistow Patricia by Ian Dury and the Blockheads, Patricia Crewe, Patti Smith, Pat Benatar, Patricia Farrell.

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