Thursday, December 01, 2016

December 1956 Patricia Farrell Celebrations (Introduction and Index to all posts for her)

It happens to us all, and it certainly happened to me: becoming sixty. (See posts beginning here and here for my surprise in November 2015).

This year Patricia Farrell will be sixty on 12th December 2016. There will be private celebrations.

But I thought a more public celebration of her as an artist, poet, philosopher, teacher, etc etc might be in order. To this end I am planning to put up posts Pages this month, first about her (building a comprehensive list of online resources of her work); then a series of posts dedicated to her by others', homages and dedications - and even birthday wishes! I shall round off with a few poems of my own.

So the first few posts are going to start with facts.

Patricia Farrell lives in Liverpool. She is a poet and visual artist. She co-organised the SubVoicive reading series in London in the 1980s and was a member of the arts group New River Project.  She has collaborated with other writers and artists, most notably Robert Sheppard, as well the installation artist Jivan Astfalck, on the project B*twixst, and with Jennifer Cobbing, and Veryan Weston on the dance piece, A Space Completely Filled with Matter.  Her work is published in a range of magazines and collections, including A New Tonal Language in the Reality Street‘4 pack’ series, as well as individual pamphlets: most recently, Seven Bays of Spirituality (Knives Forks and Spoons Press). She completed a PhD thesis in 2011 on poetic artifice in philosophical writing.  Her collection, The Zechstein Sea, was published by Shearsman Books in 2013.

The self-describing pages of her website may be accessed here: 

Patricia’s website is which is a neat updated account of her many overlapping activities.

This also constitutes a hub post, linking to all the posts.

Main posts:

Links to Patricia's visual work here.
Links and video of Patricia's poetry here.
Adrian Clarke: An Austerity Measure for Patricia's birthday here.
Gilbert Adair: 'PMB' for Patricia here.
Andrew Taylor: 'Trains and White Fields (for Patricia Farrell)' here.
Bryan Biggs: Watercolours To Patricia: here.
Graham Lovatt: A Mixtieth for Patricia's Sixtieth (an hour of groovy music and the playlist!) here.
Joanne Ashcroft: 'Hole Rabbit Down Alice':  here .
Sheila Farrell: 'Re-surfacing' here.
Jivan Astfalck: For Patricia (a short film featuring a Farrell painting and Rilke!) here.
Tom Jenks: 'In Praise of Sedimentary Rock' here. 
Tim Allen: 'Disinherited Textures' (for Patricia):  here
Scott Thurston; 'Patrician Decorum' here
Sarah Crewe: 'march of the patricia' here
James Byrne's 'Conversational seedcake' here
Alan Halsey's 'Those Acrobats A and Z Put on a Show for Patricia's 60th!' here
Geraldine Monk's 'Sexagesmal Patricia!' here
Peter Hughes' 'Plenum' for Patricia here.
Robert Sheppard's 'Poem With You' for Patricia here.
Robert Sheppard's 'The Dexion Pavilion: Burnt Journal 1956' for Patricia here.
Rupert Loydell's 'Tabletop Telepahy' for Patricia here.
Robert Sheppard: Four poems from 'Warrant Error' for Patricia here.
Clive and Anne Fencott's avant-object: KNITTED cakes and parkin wrapped in literary paper (photos) here
Bill Bulloch's 'Depth Gauge' here.
Robert Sheppard's 'Empty Diary 1956' here.  
Sheppard's Petrarchan sonnet in the style of Wayne Pratt (from Petrarch 3 coming soon) here.
Allen Fisher's 'Scattered III (after Poussin, 'The Triumph of Pan', for Patricia  here )
Patricia Farrell's big THANK YOU here
Robert Sheppard's concluding remarks here 


American Woman: Life magazine December 1956 here.
Jazz Monthly December 1956 (Lester Young! Pork Pie Hat!) here.
Vogue magazine or Rogue magazine 1956 here
Man magazine December 1956 here

I haven't had time to do these yet, so I've left them raw but still visitable and visible.

And as bonus see Patricia's 2017 Enemies collaborative readings from the North by North West Tour here. And from the Sheppard Symposium 2017 here!