Monday, December 12, 2016

Robert Sheppard: The Dexion Pavilion for Patricia Farrell

The Dexion Pavilion: Burnt Journal 1956

                        for Patricia, December 2016

destruction-frenzy sports
her wifely duties
making her eyes pop
at his imagined failures

the sweater girl stages it
negotiates the typing pool
only the disappointed point
to what is actually a love song

falsies and earrings and the playboy
fingertips for the groom testing sponge
tenor rather than vehicle

and the lady dream-lit her flesh
recorded monthly
a literal elephant sandwich in the sour smog
so she may see herself

a glowering glow the Vulcan bomber
deep in the bell of the machine
pickles arranged on the bridal bed
project a phantom

and the magnifying glass held up to
a gas tank on low pressure is a flounce
cream parting his lurid
shadow falling from the wire

of rouge and an ounce of gold
with black blasts of his kazoo
he’s frozen before her

gracekelly beaches and purple
foxy eyes winking and glinting the
Dexion Pavilion stands four-square

full and unyielding she models
the bikini-girl’s baubled promises
this late in her career
between the bolted metal floors

October-November 2016 (shorter version 2019)

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