Wednesday, February 07, 2018

Meet the EUOIA collaborators: Kelvin Corcoran

With Kelvin Corcoran, whom I have known since the 1980s, I created the poems of Eua Ionnou for Twitters for a Lark. You can read more about her here.

Kelvin is well-known for his obsession with Greece, of course, and the temptation was too much, and he had to invent a Greek, and the poem was just right. His author page here will direct you to his books, including a volume of all the Greek poems together, For the Greek Spring. His new Longbarrow pamphlet, Article 50, is very good. 

Read more about the European Union of Imaginary Authors here and here

More on Twitters here and here.

This collection marks a continuation of the work I ventriloquised through my solo creation, the fictional bilingual Belgian poet René Van Valckenborch, in A Translated Man (read an early account here; the book is also available from Shearsman here ) Kelvin now lives in Brussels and needs to keep an eye over his shoulder for Rene. Judging from Rene's Twitterfeed, he's back in action, and back in Belguim.

  All the collaborators are introduced at links available here.