Thursday, February 01, 2018

Meet the EUOIA Collaborators: General Intro and Hub post

As many people know, I worked in collaboration, over a number of years, with a team of real writers, to create a lively and entertaining body of work of fictional European poets.

You can read more about the resultant European Union of Imaginary Authors here and here

I have introduced all of the fictional poets on this blog (here) but I have not introduced the collaborators (although some of them, too, are fictional!). So I am going to post one introduction at a time until I have done them all. They are a varied and impressive bunch and I am eternally grateful for their good humour, patience and brilliance. As I wrote to them all when we were finished: ‘I would like to thank all of my collaborators, who have pooled their sovereignty, as it were, and constructed poems and people in so many different, educative and exhilarating ways.’

So here links to all the posts will be:

Jason Argleton here.
Joanne Ashcroft here.
Alan Baker here.
James Byrne here.
Alys Conran here.
Kelvin Corcoran here.
Anamaria Crowe Serrano here.
Patricia Farrell here
Allen Fisher here. 
SJ Fowler here
God's Rude Wireless here 
Robert Hampson here
Jeff Hilson here
Tom Jenks   here
Frances Kruk here
Rupert Loydell here

They are mounting up now and I'll be finished on the last day of the month. Here's some raw links to be attended to later!

Jessica Pujol i Duran here
Zoe Skoulding here

The poems are collected now in Twitters for a Lark.

 More on Twitters here and, where you may also find how you may purchase it. Updated link:

This collection marks a continuation of the work I ventriloquised through my solo creation, the fictional bilingual Belgian poet René Van Valckenborch, in A Translated Man (also available from Shearsman here )

Read about the November 2017 mini-launch in Luton here.

And the Leicester (States of Independence) launch:

Read about the Bangor launch here.

Read about the Manchester 2018 launch here:

I have a hazy notion that there shall be a third part of this fictional poet project, but I am unclear what that should look like yet. Watch this space (and in the meantime buy the first two books)!
If you think I'm bonkers with the EUOIA, try Jennifer Walshe's invention of an Irish musical avant-garde with Aisteach (here).