Monday, February 19, 2018

Meet the EUOIA collaborators: Steve McCaffery

With Steve McCaffery I created the Irish poems of Sean Eoghan for Twitters for a Lark: Poetry of the European Union of Imaginary Authors. You can read more about him in the book itself, which of course is where his two poems are!

On the other hand, Steve McCaffery has been twice nominated for Canada’s Governor General’s Award and is twice recipient of the American Gertrude Stein Prize for Innovative Writing. He is the author of over 40 books and chapbooks of poetry and criticism. An ample selection can be savoured in the two volumes of Seven Pages Missing (Coach House Press) as well as in Panopticon, Tatterdemalion (Veer Books), Alice in Plunderland (Book Thug), Revanches (Xexoxial), and Parsival (Roof). His book-object-concept A Little Manual of Treason was commissioned for the 2011 Shajah Biennale in the United Arab Emirates. A founding member of the sound poetry ensemble Four Horsemen, Toronto Research Group, and the College of Canadian ’Pataphysics, he is now David Gray Professor of Poetry and Letters at the University at Buffalo.​ 

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