Wednesday, May 30, 2018

Nick Ellis at the Handyman

I mention the pleasures of a certain Liverpool pub, the Belevedere, in my last post here (and the poems on its walls), and indeed, on Sunday I visited the Belve (but forgot to point the poems out to my companion Mike). Then we visited Ye Cracke (a veritable Beatles site, of course), The (‘little’) Grapes, before using our Old Bastards Bus Passes to glide down Smithdown to check out the Handyman (which graced this blog here, on the Ern Malley night - it was our venue), and in particular Nick Ellis. I’ve seen him about three times now at the Handyman and I like his combination of 1950s rock and roll singing, with folk style arpeggio guitar work, Scouse narrativity, and ending up with something that doesn’t sound like any of those things. Try to catch him if you can. He often does this Sunday 6-9 slot. Twitter keeps you up to date.

On Wednesdays it’s Dave O’Grady and the Dirty Feathers, equally good, playing ‘Americana’.

It’s good to see such great music on my doorstep.

Here are some pictures of Ellis, taken by Mike Dunne.

You can see the Ern Malley poster in this one!
Then there’s the beer that they brew at the Handyman: another story…