Monday, May 14, 2018

Twitters for a Lark reviewed by Billy Mills (links and notes)

Nice to have Michael Gove in the segue to Billy Mills’ review of Twitters for a Lark given Gove's role in my selection of new sonnets, which really IS my ‘poetry after Brexit’ book, possibly to be called Hap Hazard, with lines like 

... are they grey EU gunboats firing on our freighters,

our entrepreneurs smuggling inflammable cladding,

the dead and the dying dumped in the English Channel
as France dowses England’s chalk redoubt in cheap cheese? No.

Twitters is only accidentally about Brexit, by timing, as I've explained on this blog a number of times .

 Here is the whole review. Billy nicely states

And what it stands for, I think, is resistance to the nonsense idea that the UK is, or can be, anything other than European. The main theme that emerges is an interwoven history, from the classical world through the fall of the Berlin Wall to the Greek bailout, and it is fitting that the final country represented is the UK, the country that proposes to turn its back on that shared history, the ‘fictive cartography’ that is all too real, and that binds us all together.

I’m disappointed that Billy thinks ‘the contents of the book matter less than its being,’ but he’s pretty good on that being, as above. (He does like the collaboration with Alys Conran, though, and so do I!) And when he asks, ‘Nonetheless, I can’t but wonder if it’s getting near time for the EUIA (sic) to disband’, he clearly hasn’t taken in the acrimonious break up of the European Union Of Imaginary Authors, as described in the introduction! Even the five vowels are lost to the four winds! (However, I do have some post-EUOIA plans: here!)

The book is more about collaboration than Brexit, I feel, but Billy has his focus on other recent books as well.

Reviews have been slow, so it’s good to see this one. Thanks Billy!

Read more about the EUOIA here and here. All the collaborators are accessible via links here. More on Twitters here and here.