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Pages (first series) reissued entire with an interview on Jacket 2: Complete Index of all 5 series

This blog is called Pages because it was originally a blogzine continuation of the print magazine of that name. It still may be partly that, though it is more of a writer's or literary blog now (and is archived by the British Library as such).

Quick hits of the New British Poetry as they happened

I am pleased to say that the first series, which ran from 1988 to 1990, has been digitalised (by the energetic Manchester poet and critic Joey Francis) and is now available on Jacket 2 here. 

There is also a recent interview with me (again, conducted by Joey), where I talk about the project from the inside, though I stray into defining 'linguistically innovative poetry' and the experience of homelessness. Read that here.

Everything is linked from the Pages Reissues page. Click onto each individual 8 page issue. Thanks to Danny Snelson, the Master of Ceremonies at Jacket2.

When I started this blog I reprinted editorial matter from the second series of Pages and thought of this blog as the third series (see the links below).

But there's enough to keep most poetry-lovers quiet on the re-issue pages of Pages. Thanks to Scott Thurston for initiating this project, to Joey for doing the leg-work and the interviewing, and to Jacket 2 for seeing fit to make it available again, in all its (deliberate) lo-tech glory. 

The Poetry Foundation comments on the reissue, see:

Pages (first series) – index

1-8        Editorial; Allen Fisher; David Miller
9-16        Gilbert Adair; Gad Hollander
17-24        Ken Edwards; Andrew Lawson
25-32        John Seed; Adrian Clarke
33-40        Hanne Bramness; Michael Carlson
41-48        Sheila E. Murphy; Kelvin Corcoran; Harry Gilonis
49-56        ‘Beyond Revival’ editorial; Virginia Firnberg; David Chaloner
57-64        Rupert M Loydell; Lee Harwood; Robert Christian
65-72    ‘Theoretical Practice editorial; Responses: Adrian Clarke, Gilbert Adair, Andrew Lawson, Virginia Firnberg; Wayne Pratt (this is the issue where Adair coins the term 'linguistically innovative poetry'.
73-80    Stephen Oldfield; Valerie Pancucci
81-88    Alan Halsey; Peter Middleton
89-96    R G Hampson; Hazel Smith
97-104    Eviction Collage; Letter from Ken Edwards; Bob Cobbing; Chris Beckett
105-112    Richard Caddel; Catherine Walsh; Aiden Semmens
113-120    Patricia Farrell; Tom Raworth
121-128    Heywood Hadfield; Colin Simms
129-136    Sheppard, Letter to The Independent (which they published); Ralph Hawkins; Maggie O’Sullivan
137-144    James Keery; Peter Riley; Keith Jebb
145-152    Ian Davidson; John Wilkinson
153-160    Johan DeWitt; Michael Ayers
161-168    ‘Poor Fuckers’ editorial; Horst Bienek, trans. Harry Gilonis; Rod Mengham
169-176    Elaine Randell; Lawrence Upton
177-184    Ian Robinson; John Welch
185-192    Ulli Freer; Virginia Firnberg
193-200    Peter Ganick; Dennis Barone
201-208    Sheppard: review of Bob Perelman; Robert Creeley; John Muckle, review of Ian Davidson
209-216    Alex Alfred; David Barton
217-218    Floating Capital advert/apology for absence


resources for the linguistically innovative poetries

Series Two: April 1994-May 1998

Issues – full features by the named poet – short responses to the published work – extras – bibliographies of featured poets

Pages 219-238 Adrian Clarke

General editorial for the Series
Robert Sheppard
Out to Lunch (Ben Watson)

Pages 239-259 Ulli Freer

Scott Thurston
Patricia Farrell                                                                                              

Pages 260-279 Gilbert Adair

Allen Fisher
cris cheek

Pages 280-281 Eric Mottram
Special obit : Recording and Informing a Generation

Pages 282-300 Hazel Smith

Joy Wallace
Peter Manson

Pages 301-321 John Wilkinson

Drew Milne
NH Reeve

Pages 322-341 Cris Cheek

Peter Middleton

Pages 342-361 Peter Middleton

Gavin Selerie
Ira Lightman

Pages 362-380 Rod Mengham/Virginia Firnberg (no poems by either)

Critical Essays Issue
RS on Ulli Freer
John Wilkinson on Rod Mengham
Adrian Clarke on Virginia Firnberg
RS: ‘Linking the Unlinkable’ (poetics)

Pages 381-396 Ken Edwards

Kathleen Fraser
Robert Sheppard

Pages 397-420 Alan Halsey

Gavin Selerie
Tim Woods

Pages 421-445 Maggie O’Sullivan

Afterword to Pages, Second Series (re-posted at the end of post, here)
Lawrence Upton


Then, 2005, Pages became this blog. I attempted to carry on numbering the pages and frequently provided an index (for example here). These were superseded by the invention of links. But you see I was continuing to publish poets's works: Tony Trehy, Dee McMahon, Marianne Morris, Ian Davidson, for example.

Here is the editorial to Pages, Third Series. 

Afterword to Pages, Fourth Series, here. This is the 'end' of the Fourth Series: here

The Fifth Series of Pages was planned to celebrate the tenth anniversary of the Edge Hill University Poetry and Poetics Group on October 21st 2009, and it did, here, but after that I began to treat this blog as a literary blog and I had long-ceased to attempt to carry on the numbering of the pages of Pages: it's not the digital way. I talk about the blog (as a blog) here in another interview that complements the new one with Joey Francis.