Monday, January 06, 2020

2 new long poems published in Blackbox Manifold 23

Alex Houen and Adam Piette are very pleased to announce the 23rd issue of Blackbox Manifold: 

and I’m very pleased to see two long poems by me there. Straight to them here

These are ‘Hammer Glow’ and ‘The Listening Table’. With all my online activity over my various sonnet sequences, the series of these 4 line stanza poems from which these come have not been visible., though they are available online. Collectively they are called ‘Flight Risk’ (at the moment). Others in the sequence may be accessed from this link.

And more appear in The Robert Sheppard Companion. See here.

 Blackbox Manifold 23 also contains work by:

Josh Allsop, Francesca Bratton, Patrick Cotter, Kristin Dimitrova (transl. Tom Phillips), Patricia Farrell (we didn't know we were going to appear together here!), Alec Finlay, Adam Flint, Michael Kindellan, Mark Lawlor, Jacob Kobina Ayiah Mensah, Otto & Gisel, David Punter, Ian Seed, Marcus Slease, Catherine Street, Iain Twiddy, Lydia Unsworth, G C Waldrep, Selena Wisnom, Adam Warne, Howard Wright, Alex Wylie, Ruth Valentine. 

It features a special section on sound curated by Linda Kemp, with work by Bryony Bates, Cloth, Nat Raha, Nathan Walker and yol, Steve Hanson’s interview with Andrew Shanks on his translations of Nelly Sachs, and Adam Piette’s review of John Wilkinson, Sean Bonney, Seedings issue 6 and Eleanor Wilner.

Thanks to Alex and Adam for another excellent issue.